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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful*

By the Grace of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala, we have introduced QuranFehmi.com for the Muslim Ummah. It is a very meager effort in the way of Allah, with the goal of increasing the understanding of the Holy Quran in our community, may Allah accept it. 

QuranFehmi.com will provide various commentaries of the Holy Quran by different scholars in the light of narrations and traditions of the noble Ahlulbayt. These video lectures are offered in English, Urdu, Farsi and Arabic formats. There are also videos of beautiful Quran recitation by different reciters of the Holy book. As we all know one of the greatest difficulties of our Ummah in this time is how we have left behind the Holy Quran, which the Holy book has itself declared, “And the Apostle will say, Oh my Lord! Surely my people have treated this Quran as a forsaken thing” 25:30

The Muslim Ummah has been waiting for the great savior of mankind; Imam Al- Mahdi AjalahuTala Sharif reappearance who himself is a speaking Quran. In order to be accepted by him, we have to practice and implement the holy Quran in our community. We seek Allah’s assistance in this matter and hope you will join us inshAllah.

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